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Houston Street and Bikers' Lives

by Pat Arnow

Do you contemplate your mortality every time you go out? Do you fear getting smashed beneath the wheels of a bus? Is door a verb in your vocabulary? (I was afraid that cab was gonna’ door me.) You must be a bike rider.

Houston St. provides a special challenge to those of us who get around the city by bicycle. There are ski-slope-worthy moguls, slippery-when-wet metal plates covering vast stretches of the road, construction that blocks lanes, fast-moving cars, impatient buses, insensitive cabs, and double-parking trucks.

A person on a bike could get killed in this cross-town mess. A person on a bike DOES get killed on Houston on a regular basis. There have been three fatalities this year. That's a lot for an eight-month period on a two mile road. That's why there will be a rally and press conference for safer cycling conditions on Houston St. this afternoon. Members of the Community Board and elected officials will be asking for "dedicated space" for cyclists in the Houston St. reconstruction plan. Take your life in your hands and bike on over.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 4 p.m.
Houston Street (south side) between Mercer and Green


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