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No Harm Done

by Yori Yanover

Back in July, towards the end of the month, I came out of a Community Board 3 meeting on Essex and Houston and walked home with a board member who lives in Seward Park. On the way, at the corner of Ludlow and Broome, we ran into a major commotion, which centered around a sedan that had crashed under the scaffolding on the sidewalk.

We asked around and then I got the police report at the 7th precinct, and the story was that a car speeding on Broome hit the car coming down Ludlow and caused it to leap on the sidewalk and bring down the scaffolding.

I was sure there was some kind of DUI involved, otherwise, how to you explain going so fast on Broome, heading east, that you’d knock a slow moving car, full of people, in such a vicious way?

I asked my friend to keep an eye on my bike, and started snapping pictures. In my head I was already taking bids from news agencies for the scoop, naturally. Also, there was a surreal quality to the thing, and I dig surreal.

Anyway, the police report also indicated no one was hurt, which would have been a surprise to anyone who was there. Also, there was no celebrity involved, which explains why the news agencies did not come calling. In fact, at the time I was only editing a monthly magazine and it wasn’t really our story, either.

So here it is, instead of a story, just a kind of vague memory of a dangerous moment that went by without lingering pain.

I suppose a daily webzine should note those as well, even if belatedly.


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