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Public Official Doing Her Job Fast

BEFORE: Pothole on Grand near Henry & Jackson

AFTER: Pothole on Grand near Henry & Jackson
by Yori Yanover


Susan Stetzer
District Manager
Community Board 3, Manhattan

Dear Susan,

A few months ago, as you may recall, I asked you to help in repairing a pothole on Grand Street, near Henry and Jackson. You intervened and shortly thereafter it was filled up.

Well, now it’s open again, a serious sink hole, threatening cars, pedestrians, and most frighteningly, cyclists.

Two calls to 311 have yielded zilch. Could you please pick up your municipal wand again and wave it over our sinkhole?

All the best,

Yori Yanover


SS: Can u give me complaint numbers?

YY: No, I never wait for them. I consider the time they force you to wait until they process you a kind of detention. So I hang up.

SS: In the future, it would be very helpful if you give us the complaint number. We always start with making sure the complaint is in 311--then we can get agency to follow up. Sometimes, if the complaint is in the system, they won't let us make it again and we can't get agency information to follow up.

YY: So, should I start again with 311, or are you on it?

SS: We are on it.


Dear Susan,

I'm enclosing a picture taken yesterday, of the repaired pothole in question. I'm told it's actually been fixed since Monday this week. I thank you for your help, as do my car, my bike and my legs.

I hope folks reading this will follow my example and flood your email with call for help on government service in the 10002 zip code.

All the best,

Yori Yanover


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