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A Tale of Two Guitar Shops

by Nate Eckstrom

I do the music reviews here at Loho10002, but – like most reviewers – I really want to be a musician. So this weekend I stopped by two guitar shops in the neighborhood to try and find some equipment. At first I thought it was strange that the two stores, Ludlow Guitar and Rivington Guitar, were located just a block away from each other. Now I understand, one is for those masochists who like frustration and abuse, the second is for normal people who want a pleasant experience.

Here’s Rivington Guitar:

ME : Hi! I don’t know if you could help me, but I’m looking for a Marshall amp, something from the Jubilee series, they were made around 1987 I think.

DUDE (sitting in a shop crowded with many, many old amplifiers): Ummm, I don’t really know. You could try the internet.

ME: Oh. Well, maybe you have something similar. [pause] Oh. Umm, I’ll just look around then.

DUDE: ….

An older couple walks in.

OLD NICE MAN: Hi! We’re looking for a guitar for our grandson. Do you have any recommendations?

DUDE: Well, it’s hard to say, we have guitars for $95 and guitars for $4,000.

OLD NICE MAN: Oh no! For the kid, just the kid!

DUDE: Ummm, that one’s good. [points to a random guitar, resumes doing nothing, doesn’t think to ask electric vs. acoustic, how old is the kid, how long has he been playing, etc.]

Okay so, the Rivington Guitar Dude was less than helpful. But his hair was really cool, and he knew it.

Now, on to the Ludlow Guitar Dude:

ME : HI! I’m looking for an amp [blah, blah]

DUDE : Oh yeah. Let me show you some of the things we’ve got. What kind of guitar do you like to play? Here let me get that for you. Okay, have a seat. Do you have a pick? Here’s one.

You get the point.


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