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They Do So Work On The East River Park Promenade – A Little

The guys operating the backhoe and the dump truck were the only East River Promenade workers in evidence this afternoon.

Here's how this section of the project looked last May.

Here's how the same section looks now -- notice the weeds? They mean no work's been done here in four months.
by Pat Arnow

Yesterday, I reported that it didn't look like there has been progress this summer on the rebuilding of the East River Park Promenade from 12th St. to the area across from Jackson St. ("They've Got the Sign Up Anyway"). That's not accurate, according to Lisa Kaplan, Chief of Staff for City Council member Rosie Mendez in a phone interview this morning. "It's still very much in the works," she says. "It's a huge undertaking because of all the infrastructure" That takes time. "It's been a gigundo project," she says.

Kaplan bikes through the park all the time and sees the heavy machinery operating. She must be going through at different times of day than I do. This afternoon, I took a bike ride from the pedestrian overpass at Jackson to 12th St.--the length of East River Park where they're rebuilding the promenade. At the southernmost construction site along the water, the only new feature since spring is that some big healthy weeds have grown up in the excavated dirt.

Just south of the 6th St. overpass, I saw a dump truck pull up and park. A backhoe rumbled up and began spilling dirt into it. I did not see anybody else working on the promenade along length of the park. North of 6th St., some rebar pilings stuck up out of the water, and there was even a section of poured concrete abutments.

Seems like you might want more than two guys working on the promenade if you want to get it built by next year--or within a decade.

An presentation by the Parks Department about the East River Park Promenade should answer some of the questions about those big messy trenches along the river that are supposed to be walkways by next year. The update will be made at a Community Board 3 committee meeting Sept. 14 at 6:30, 175 E. 4th St. between First Avenue and Avenue A in the Village View Community Room.


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