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An Adam Goldstone Reader

Adam trying on Uncle Randy's spanish boots, c. early '70s
From My Space
by Don Cruise

Born June 3, 1969. DJ, Producer and Artist who made his career in New York City, Adam Goldstone passed away on August 29, 2006, in a slip-and-fall accident in an RV shower at the Burning Man festival.

“Adam Goldstone, a well-known East Village D.J., was getting ready to do what he loved best, spin records, when he fainted in his RV at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert last Tuesday and died shortly afterwards. He was 37.

According to his father, Jerry Goldstone, the cause of death was heart arrhythmia stemming from a delayed effect of a congenital condition that had been fixed when he was a child.”

Lincoln Anderson, The Villager – Read More

Adam Goldstone's Politics of Dancing

As a DJ, I was already wrestling with concerns of self-censorship and inspirational programming when I saw the fake list. Repacking my crate for a gig last Tuesday, I decided Robbie Fulks' "Dancing on the Ashes" (from his excellent new Couples in Trouble), about two brothers gone to war, was out. But I still played "Open Your Eyes" by new wave supergroup Lords of the New Church, which warns of the consequences of military chic, video games, et al. infiltrating consumer culture. Now is not a time to be timid about provoking difficult, even conflicting, thoughts and emotions.

My colleague in New York, DJ producer Adam Goldstone, faced the same dilemma. "I've been thinking about this, as I've been expecting to have to have some appropriate records for my gigs," he e-mailed. At an impasse, he began brainstorming. "Let's see . . . Eddie Kendricks' 'Going Up in Smoke?' Too dismal . . . 'Love Is the Message?' Well . . . love is always the message. Love Committee, 'Law & Order' . . . not bad. The Undisputed Truth, 'You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth'—as long as you're not playing to a crowd of rednecks with war fever."

Kurt B. Reighley, September 26, 2001 – Read More

Adam Goldstone

I met Adam via email. He had read Loves Saves the Day and wanted to engage. I don't think he ever tired of doing that, and more often than not his entire DJing mode was an engagement with dance music as a panorama of sounds and styles. I had some of my best conversations about the book with him, and went to him several times as I gathered my thoughts about the 80s follow-up. It was something I really felt he could write better than me ? but he had more important things to be getting on with.

We hooked up when we could, which was not that often, what with me being in London and him in New York, and the end of each of our meetings was painful because Adam was such a rich and lively thinker and personality. In between our occasional meetings, we would email each other, and in a world where emails seem to be getting shorter and less engaged, Adam would write rich and thoughtful essays.

Tim Lawrence, 09.01.2006 – Read More

Adam, you are the one who made me dance the most in my life… that’s precious.

I love you,


Adam Goldstone: Lower East Side Stories

(Free download samples – slow server)


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