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Don't Give Money to Crazies

Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer
by Scott M. Stringer

On September 12, 2006, the IDA Board will vote on a $12.5 million bond transaction to support a civic facility for the All Stars Project, Inc. I strongly urge the Board of Directors of the IDA to vote against the proposed allocation of public support for this project. It is no secret that the All Stars Project, Inc. has come under intense scrutiny over the last few years for its purported financial misconduct, and has been reported to promote a sexually abusive and religiously insensitive workplace. I am surprised to find that an organization that continues to have such close ideological and financial ties to Dr. Fred Newman - a promoter of cultist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic beliefs - would even be considered for support through the IDA.

For example, between 2001 and 2003, All Stars Project, Inc. made grants for over $52,000 to Dr. Newman's psychological institute to help pay for programs that seek to spread his ideas, which at best may be described as controversial, and at worst are discriminatory. Using discretionary financial assistance to support an organization that helps promote bigoted ideology is not what the IDA is in business to do.

Over the past few months I have engaged the IDA in productive conversations regarding the awarding of discretionary financial assistance to those businesses that represent a sound return on investments, and maintain positive employment practices and healthy work environments, including strong anti-discriminatory and sexual harassment policies. Surely, given the severe allegations of All Stars Project's support and promotion of a racist and sexually inappropriate work place, this project fails to merit the support of the IDA. On Tuesday, September 12th, I will urge my appointee to the Board of Directors to vote against this project in its entirety.

MBP Stringer will testify at the IDA Public Hearing at 10:00 AM being held at 110 Williams St. 4th Floor

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