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George and Laura Doing Pitt Street

George and Laura Bush
by Yori Yanover

You have to have lived under a rock, and very close to the FDR Drive, not to know that President Bush is planning to mark the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on this city by having breakfast tomorrow, Monday, with the big and burly men of the Pitt Street firehouse, Ladder 18, Engine 15, Battalion 4, situated right off Delancey.

Chief Pat Clifford of Battalion 4 is very proud of the approaching visit (he told the press that “It's not every day that the President comes to your workplace for breakfast," which is a good reason for celebration even in a neighborhood that voted 70-30 in favor of Kerry in 2004).

But while the chief is rejoicing, many local residents are angered by being forced to move their cars from a huge radius of streets around the firehouse. Over the weekend, starting Friday, the cops have leafleted the streets and people’s windshields, warning them that, as of Sunday, their cars would be towed away if they park as far away as East Broadway between Grand and Montgomery. LoHo10002 will cover those minor tragedies today.

We were also informed that a school for girls on Broome Street will have to modify its hours to match Dubya’s flapjacks with the boys.

Bush will breakfast with 25 firefighters, 25 officers from the 7th Precinct next door and another 25 Port Authority cops. That’s 75 finest. Hope there’s enough for everyone. GW is known for taking pleasure in serving folks their steaks back home – he’ll probably do a fine job here, too. When in doubt, he can always read them a goat story.

The President and First Lady will arrive in the city Sunday, and will lay wreaths at the site of the twin towers. PATH trains won't be running to and from the WTC while the President is visiting.

Afterward, the first couple will join in a prayer service at St. Paul's Chapel. The breakfast down here will conclude with a moment of silence at 8:46 AM, the time when the first plane hit the north tower.


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