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Gouverneur’s Future (With Eggrolls)

Sheldon Silver (l.) with Mendel Hagler at Jin Fong

An artist’s rendering of the future Gouverneur’s facade
by Yori Yanover

The Jin Fong Restaurant, at 20 Elizabeth Street, is so huge, it has two escalators leading up to the main room, on the second floor, and when you stare at one end from the other, some details become obscured by the haze. It’s a red and gold kind of hall, and last month it packed a huge number of locals, mostly from Chinatown, who came to show their faith in and gratitude to Gouverneur Health Center.

If a neighborhood is only as sound as its public institutions, ours is particularly durable. But, according to Gouverneur’s Executive Director Mendel Hagler, it was the huge turnout which demonstrated this same resilience. Hagler cited two honorees, Peter Lau, a pharmacist who has taken “a leadership role in ensuring that the residents of Chinatown have access to high-quality healthcare services,” and Leung Kwok Choy, who has “established a foundation to fund for healthcare programs,” as “key components that are necessary for a successful community healthcare program.”

Hagler praised Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who accepted an award on behalf of Assembly Member Richard Gottfried, Silver’s partner in developing “excellent programs like Family Health Plus, Childhealth Plus, and EPIC.” Thanks to their work at the assembly, “New York has been a pioneer in the develop- ment of innovative public health policies and programs.” Hagler called Silver Gouverneur’s “guardian angel.”

The theme for this year’s dinner was Building for the Future, as Gouverneur is in the midst of a modernization program that will transform it “into a truly premier healthcare center.”


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