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Grand Entertainment

by Pat Arnow

Grand Street yesterday evening provided some sights that demonstrate why New York City is the most engaging place to walk around:

1) The ears have it: A single stalk of corn grows between a parking meter and a sapling.

2) Full City Coffee is all tricked out with new outdoor tables, looking like a proper sidewalk cafe at last for this part of the Lower East Side.

3) Could it be, yes it is, a man riding a tricked-out bike while carrying another bike over his shoulder. Impressive. That's the second-most-impressive carrying feat I've seen on a bike. I know I'm one-upping myself here, but I want to share the most impressive carrying feat by a bicyclist. My sister and I witnessed it near Battery Park City more than a year ago. A man carried a mattress on his back while he rode (single-bed size, but still...). It was tied to his body with string (not even rope), and he steadied it with one hand and rode with the other. Mo and I cheered and applauded him as he went by.

4) Awww. A big plush tiger was caged and paws up in a little fenced triangle of plantings.


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