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High Above the Earth in Seward

by Yori Yanover

Last year I was shooting interiors for an ad for a construction company, in a Seward Park apartment way up in the high teens. After taking all the images I needed indoors, I asked permission to go out on the porch and shoot. And I just stood there, mesmerized by the immensity and bulk of this particular angle. Every shot revealed a new arrangement, new possibilities. The mix of the Co-op Village Soviet style, angular structures, with the Op-Art-like quality of the Bialystoker old age home building at the center of the group was breathtaking to me. It’s as if everybody who was constructing all these huge structures thought better of it in mid stride and decided to halt everything, before the riverfront became too packed to bear. I don’t know, maybe it’s the winter sun, maybe the height, but these images always overwhelm me with their unabashed, urbane beauty.


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