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Holiday Spirits

by Liz MacAvery

Okay, I have to confess this. Not proudly, but not especially penitent either. It revolves around holiday decorations. Last year, I bought a blowup lighted witch for the lobby of Building One. She was green, had, what I think was kinda’ friendly face, was lighted from within and, I think nice…

I plugged her in a few days before Halloween in building one's lobby. She was 12 feet tall—just so you understand the consternation—and all sorta’ stuff let loose. Basically, what happened was that the person with whom I live got an urgent call of a sensitive nature (no, I'm not kidding).

So, anyway, the witch was removed. Then I bought another one, and other things, and got storage. How stupid is this?

At first I denied that I had anything to do with it, but, this did not work because I was pretty prominent in the video surveillance cameras. And the person with whom I share a home was absolutely shocked that I would lie about my involvement. Which I did, and he's still aghast that I think it might be okay to do such a thing without permission. What to say? " Live it, Learn it” comes to mind.

Anyway, when "Fountains of Wayne" had a sale, I bought an identical witch. I also bought a thing that says it is a 25 foot lighted Jack O Lantern and also an 8 foot menorah with a cartoon character face in the middle of a Star of David. Which I thought was all good until a Jewish friend told me to stop. When I bought the menorah thing, I didn't know that there were religious proscriptions against size (There aren’t, really – The Editor). So, I have this thing and I didn't even know it was offensive. I just didn't want a Christmas Tree to be bigger than a Menorah in the lobby. And I didn't know that a person could commercially buy an offensive Jewish holiday ornament. But I own one. And, so what. Relax, I'm not gonna’ blow it up…

But I do want my Halloween things blown up. Anyone want them? It's a first come, first serve thing. E-mail me…


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