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How I Voted Today

My vote this morning

My vote committee
by Yori Yanover

There was very little to do at the voting machine this morning. Very few decisions. Almost everyone representing me and you is running unopposed in November, meaning, against a Republican, and, naturally, against Jim Lesczynski, the Libertarian challenger to Shelly Silver.

I always wonder what would happen if someone else would show up at the election committee’s desk (combined age 476), tell them he’s me, sign my name – copying it from the open sheet – and vote for Buchanan. There are absolutely no measures taken to verify that I am who I say I am. How trusting can we be? What if Al Qaeda conspires to tip the Democratic primaries in favor of their candidates? People, stop that gap!

Anyway, I thought I’d tell you who I voted for. A lady called me up to ask and I told her it was none of her business, just to enjoy the sound of that statement. But maybe I should tell everybody how I voted and why.

I voted for Martin Connor for State Senator because I thought his opponent was rude and unfair. It’s quite possible that what he accused Connor of is at least partially valid, but I cannot imagine this man representing me with this much passion for mudslinging. Wrong neighborhood, wrong race.

Voted for David Cohen because he’s a nice man and probably the only one with bench experience; but mostly I voted for him because I don’t want the Speaker’s candidate to lose. I want to continue to have the strongest man in the Assembly living on Grand Street – it makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands down here.

Voted for Tasini, but really against Hillary, because I can’t stand a leader who holds every possible position from left to right and in between. I know she will win, and I’ll vote for her in November, but this is my protest vote.

Voted for Spitzer because the other guy choked.

Voted for Sean Maloney for AG because I will never vote for Green for anything and because Cuomo turns me off. No idea if Sean will win anything, probably not, but he’s my choice of least resistance.

In a couple of hours we’ll know what really happened.


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