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Mayor Visits Local Deli Before Rosh Hashanah

Mayor Bloomberg with Jacob Goldman (in the apron)

Bloomberg, Goldman and Chef Michael Venice
by Tibi Z. Singer

We just got these images from the folks at 41 Essex, where Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg did his pre-Rosh Hashanah shopping. A call to the store’s chef, Michael Venice, revealed Hizonor ordered honey, a medium raisin challah and a quart chicken soup to go. He and his entourage also enjoyed some gefilte fish, challah and latkes while waiting for the takeout.

Venice and deli proprietor Jacob Goldman (in a never before seen apron, after actually serving customers) showed Bloomberg around the store, exchanging niceties about the holiday, the importance of family and the playoffs. They agreed it’s not important if you’re a Yankees or a Mets fan, as long as it’s a New York team you’re rooting for.

Michael was wondering if the mayor needed a chef for the weekends (41 Essex is closed Saturdays), and threw his hat in the ring, but he thinks the call may be a while in coming.

Mayor then went to the next door to Jewish scribe Rabbi Eisenbach and wished him a happy and healthy New Year, then, in the spirit of his talk with the deli folks, Bloomberg proceeded to G&S Sporting Goods and bought one Yankees and one Mets cap.

May it be a sweet new year and a 4-3 Subway Series!


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