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No Place Like Hip Hop

by Don Cruise

The documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Home: The History of Hip Hop in the Lower East Side” is the untold story of Hip Hop’s road to success through the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan, and about the LES artists who contributed to that success. It’s more than a story about music, it’s a story of a diverse but close community that over the last 35 years has made its mark on Hip Hop, and that to this day, helps to define and describe what Hip Hop culture was, is and will be.

An L.E.S. In Da Backpack Films production, “There’s No Place Like Home” chronicles the voices and visions of early innovators and new school MC’s, DJ’s, Street Artists, and B Boys and B Girls from the LES, featuring:

Early Innovators like MCs Fly, Mr. Magic, Harriet, Jimmy D, Carly Carl and Mellow Dee. DJs Sir Gamble, Kool B, Apache, Ice, Sammy Sam, Carmello, Silva Sir-Fa, Brass Knuckles/SOE, who is also a writer, along with Street Artists and Graphic Technologists Second, SOE, Chico, and King As-One. B-Boys/Girls Turtle, Cool C, Curly, BAM, Wiggles, Kool AD, Walt Jigga, Chino, Ben and Chickee.

Emerging artists/Producers like MCs Tru-Life and the Ghetto Inmates, Pretty Young Pimps, Raze, Pete Da Blame, Dirty Work, FOKIS, Demo tha Pro, Pat Guevara, Beyond Rest, Young G, Prodical, Laz, E-Hustle, Poppi Shanks , Manueltio Da Cakee, G, AB, CSM, Phatz Mahogany, DJ BammBamm and NOBODEGA.

Since the beginning of Manhattan’s history, there has always been “tragic magic” on the Lower East Side. The film provides an overview of the history of the Lower East Side and Manhattan, from the Dutch “discovery” through “The Five Points” to the present day, exploring the multicultural and socio-political roots of a community that has influenced and inspired generations of artists.

“There’s No Place Like Home: The History of Hip Hop in the Lower East Side” was directed and filmed by K.F. Harris, head of L.E.S. In Da Backpack Films, and produced by Troy Harris, brothers who grew up in the Baruch Houses of the LES.

The film will make its debut in September 29 & 30th of 2006. For additional information, please contact L.E.S. In Da Backpack Films at 347.350.5369 or mailto:kfhmedia@hotmail.com.

Screening at the Abrons center, 466 Grand Street

Friday 9/29 @ 7:30 pm Saturday 9/30 @ 1 pm and 7:30 pm

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