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Pop-Geek Heavenly Music - Free

by Nate Eckstrom

I was high on the Spinto Band two months ago, when they played the Bowery Ballroom for $15. Now they are playing the South Street Seaport for FREE this Friday, and I am in pop-geek heaven. Pop-geek heaven is where headphones are like halos, and the wings are replaced with backpacks stuffed with Spinto Band 7”’s.

To give you some background, the six or sometimes seven members of Spinto Band started recording in their basement during high school. Seven albums later, they are a little more grown up (not much), and touring on their own. The newest disc, Nice and Nicely Done, is an appropriately named, nicely-done collection of intricate, Shins-like pop. The other pop-geeks and I will be assembled and ready-to-dance down by the water starting at 7pm on Friday night. Dirty on Purpose, Uncle John and Whitelock, and The Black Hollies open.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i'd say thats a pretty acurate description of both Spinto and what we like to call pop heaven. thanks to this article i went to the show last friday and it was great. whoever this writer is, i like his style. i'd like to see more of his work around the site

James Weston

9/07/2006 9:42 PM  

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