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Sidewalk Agriculture Coming Back

Cornstalk in front of Noah’s Ark

New garden in Vladek Housing
by Yori Yanover

Our friend Liz MacAvery has brought to our attention the cornstalk growing on the sidewalk in front of Noah’s Ark, on Grand Street. She has no idea how it got there, but I suspect some undigested popcorn was probably instrumental. I also hope it will survive through the fall to yield something. Although, you may want to hold back your good wishes in light of this website, reporting the chilly facts about the Cornstalk Curse.

Please send us notes regarding the origin of the neighborhood newcomer, and whether or not you think its growing outside a kosher deli restaurant is a good omen.

Those of you who park their vehicles on Cherry Street south of East River Housing, probably walk across Vladek Housing, alongside the (much disputed) ER parking garage to get to Madison Street. You’ll be happy to know that NYCHA is reconstructing the little plot of earth which had fallen into disrepair in recent years. The area in front of what used to be the Housing Police station and is now an office of the Missing Persons Bureau, will please passers by with a lovely three-tier garden.


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