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Some Unexpected Notions About My Neighborhood

Why Catholic?

Lobster Zoo

What Happened Here?
by Yori Yanover

Why Catholic?

This sign, on the front of the St. Mary church on Grand Street, caught my eye. I presume if you ask inside you’d be invited to take a bunch of leaflets full of religious information, designed to revive your interest in Mom and Pop’s old religion. Then, maybe, you can take a course of some kind on Monday nights, and maybe meet a nice Catholic guy and start a nice Catholic home together. All religions do this; Lord knows I’ve seen my share of “Why Jewish?” banners, and there must be the “Why Presbyterian?” “Why Baptist?” “Why Buddhist?” and even “Why Atheist?” versions out there. But, walking across the street on Grand, watching several ladies coming in for the morning mass, it still was a bit strange to see a Catholic church, perhaps the most organized of all organized religions, asking so publicly, “Why Catholic?”

To which the only reasonable answer has to be, “Why not?”

Who Needs the Bronx When You've Got Lobster Zoo?

The Lobster Farm Seafood Wholesale store at the corner of Allen & Hester Streets offers little to the kosher eater like myself, save for an amazing view of sea life – if a bit crammed – smack on the street. Naturally, our less restricted readers would be delighted to discover that the Lobster Farm imports its livestock from both Maine and Canada, and that despite the “wholesale” in their title, they would gladly crack open a crate and sell you a lobster retail.

But everyone should experience this sudden encounter with underwater life in the large aquariums, looking on the street, presumably, for that purpose precisely. I suspect small children would be fascinated… 212.431.7663

What Happened Here?

On the Grand Street sidewalk, outside Seward Park Housing, we spotted this pile of discarded artifacts, domestic witnesses to a life now changed. Note, if you will, that the owners of this pile was throwing away two stoves and two refrigerators – but only one bedpost! Our imagination was working in overdrive, and the best explanation we came up with was an urban drama involving too many elements that would lose us our G rating. But think about it – the possibilities are unlimited!


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