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Teats "R" Us

by Tibi Z. Singer

You might call it teat for tat.

About 40 breast-feeding moms packed the sidewalk outside Toys "R" Us in Times Square yesterday to protest the store's alleged mistreatment of a woman who said staffers tried to stop her from nursing her infant there.

"We live in a city where women can walk around half-naked, but if a woman wants to breast-feed in public, everyone gets uncomfortable," said Chana Frydman

Chelsi Meyerson, 29, alleges that on Sept. 11, she was nursing her 7-month- old son, Mason, in Toys "R" Us when staffers told her it was "inappropriate" to breast-feed in the store. She said they told her to go to the basement.

Meyerson took part in the rally yesterday.

Toys "R" Us spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh disputed her account. She said Meyerson was approached once by a store employee who asked her if she would be more comfortable in the store's private nursing room.

"Her story, it's not what we found in our internal review. We have a companywide policy that supports nursing anywhere," Waugh said.

For more details contact Chana Frydman,CD(DONA), ALACE & CAPPA, Beautiful Beginnings, Member Metropolitan Doula Group, Labor Support / VBAC Support / Breastfeeding Support, Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn & Surrounding Communities, BirthJunkie@earthlink.net


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