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Bring Back the Greatness of the Empire State

by Eliot Spitzer

New Yorkers are ready to bring back the greatness that New York once defined. People of every race, creed and background – including my four grandparents -- faced great odds for the opportunity to live here. At times, it appeared that the opportunity they sought would always remain beyond their reach. But New Yorkers never gave up working together towards a common good and a common purpose. Now, as the future of the state we love hangs in the balance, we must bring back the New York we dream of: the beacon of hope and opportunity that is the Empire State.

The State We’re In

Right now, people are tired of watching their hard-earned, lifestyle slip away as their property taxes rise. They are frustrated when they see their health care costs skyrocket and their schools fail our children and their jobs disappear. They are impatient and frustrated with a government that spends their tax dollars without consequence or reason.

In this November 7 election, for the first time in a long time, New Yorkers will vote for their choice of what kind of government works for then, and what kind of New York they want to live in. New York must not simply change parties or policies, but change the very culture of government. My running mate David Paterson and I offer leadership based on common sacrifice and pursuit of the common good. We will govern the state by the same simple rule that I lived by as your attorney general: We won't ask if a decision is popular or unpopular. We will not ask if it's hard or easy. We will just ask whether it's right or wrong. In the end, it's not a bad rule.

Looking forward, I hope to take the same values and standards that I hold myself to as your attorney general and bring it to Albany. For the last twelve years, Albany that has stood remarkably still as the economy has been transformed and the world has moved forward. Change in the culture and efficacy of Albany will not be easy or come quickly. But if Albany will not bring back opportunity or responsibility or accountability – if Albany will not bring change to us – then we will bring change to Albany.

Day One To-Do List

In a Spitzer Administration, change begins the moment we take office. On day one, David Paterson and I will begin giving New Yorkers a government that's open, accountable and ready to get taxes and spending under control. Day one will mark the beginning of the end for the vicious property tax cycle that is driving so many families and businesses away from this state. Day one is when we set out to make health care more affordable and cover every single child in the state of New York, and it's when we begin to fully fund education to ensure that the path to opportunity and prosperity begins in our schools.

And, above all, day one is when we will start to build a twenty first century New York that can be competitive in a twenty first century economy. It's when we start working to bring jobs back and make New York the best place to do business in America. It's when we start rebuilding our upstate economy, and revitalizing downtown Syracuse and Buffalo and Albany and Rochester.

A Journey to Lead

New Yorkers are all in this together. Our journey will not be divided by upstate versus downstate, urban versus rural, business versus labor, Republican versus Democrat. All over New York, people ready to make this journey together. To get there, I'm not just asking for your vote on election day, I'm asking for your passion, dedication, and your commitment to our common cause and shared future.

The great New Yorker E.B. White once said "New York is to the nation what the white spire is to the village – the visible symbol of aspiration and faith; the white plume saying the way is up!" People from across the country and all over the world for the past two hundred years have looked to our state as a shining example of what's best about America. Looking forward, we should not only expect – but we deserve – a government in this state that gives everyone the same shot at the American Dream.

Eliot Spitzer is the democratic candidate for New York State Governor. He is the current New York State Attorney General.


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