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Construction Happens

by Pat Arnow

Progress on the East River promenade has been slower than a lost tourist crossing Times Square. But after halting work on the 1.2 mile path for two months this summer, construction has finally resumed, according to Parks spokesperson Carli Smith.

"The contractor has at least 10 men on the site each day," Smith said Friday. They are putting concrete caps over the pilings in the northern section (around 12th Street). Work is being done off-site, too, says Smith, including "fabrication details," and "ordering." They will be tripling the workforce soon.

That doesn't seem like a rush of work for a 1.2 mile path that is still, after more than a year of construction, mostly a muddy embankment.

Meanwhile, the track at Sixth Street in the park, originally scheduled for completion in November, was going to be done early—by the end of September, according to the Parks Department. Not so fast.

It's still not open. But Smith says the work is essentially done now, and it really should be open any minute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wierd that nobody is really holding them to the fire right? what's the real story?

10/10/2006 10:00 PM  

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