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East River Park Update: Sunny But Grim

by Yori Yanover

Last Sunday I went down to the park and everything was gray and wet and terrible, which accounted for the terrible report I filed. Not that I did not report the truth, but, to be honest, I felt doubly angered by the Parks Dept. shenanigans because of the drizzle and the puddles and the mess. What a difference a sunny morning makes. In my mood, not so much in the state of the renovations in East River Park (Visit Our Promenade – Condemned Since July 4, 2000). So, let’s see…

A deserted bulldozer was standing at about the halfway point between Delancey and Houston, next to the waterfront. It was almost 9:00 AM but there were no workers in sight there. I long to see ten, even twenty guys hauling stuff, mixing cement, making like a renovation, but this morning it was the big gurnisht.

There was some progress to report at the running track at Sixth Street. It’s not going to open in September ’06, like the lady promised, but maybe November is a realistic target date. The asphalt layer is complete and waiting for the elastic top to be laid down. But will they let runners in if the bleachers aren’t completed?

Here’s a workman cutting a hexagonal paving stone for the entrance area and, presumably, the bleachers. If you can spot any sign of bleachers or preparation for the same in these pictures, send your discovery to Where’s Waldo’s Park.

Nevertheless, runners, individuals and groups, took advantage of the delicious sunny morning and sped joyously up and down the park walk, despite the exhaust fumes from the FDR Drive, despite the maddening puddles lingering since the last rain, and despite the elastic promises.


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