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Extended Hours at the Essex Street Market

by Nancy J. Kramer

At last some sanity has prevailed. There are now extended hours 3 days a week at the Essex Street Market. This wonderful thriving Market Place with diverse products at competitive prices now has extended hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8AM until 7PM allowing those of us getting home later to have the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive offerings there. From the fresh produce and grocery shops that have been the back bone of the Market for years to the Rainbow Kosher Fish Market, Jeffrey’s Butcher Shop, 3 new Gourmet Cheese Shops, a Tailor, Baked Goods, Fresh Juice Bar, Art and much, much more!!!

The Essex Market is a wonderful treasure which is not fully patronized by the breadth of our community. The Market has been revamped and cleaned up, its right here in the neighborhood with a kind of one stop shopping at small boutique shops and now accessible to us a bit later at night---If they would only extend those hours further and open up on Sundays—Then we’d really have quite an asset to enjoy!!!

120 Essex Street Between Delancey & Rivington

The images on this page were shot at and around Jeffrey Ruhalter's Meat Market, inside the Essex Street Market. Jeffrey is depicted in the third image.


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