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Must-hear radio, Monday, October 30

by Jonathan Bennett

Monday's "Health Action" will include a 30-minute segment on what's known, and not known, about the connection between post-9/11 exposures and illness among rescue, recovery, cleanup workers and volunteers, as well as exposed lower Manhattan office workers and residents.

Is the New York Times correct when it reports (on 10/24, page 1) that there is no certainty of a link between disease and exposure to World Trade Center dust and fumes?

Is it possible that 9/11-related exposures are not responsible for tens of thousands of serious cases of lower and upper respiratory and gastrointestinal disease among previously healthy individuals? Will it really take the scientific and medical communities "decades" to answer that question with "any degree of certainty"?

Also to be discussed will be the enormous public, occupational and environmental health implications of last week's discovery of human remains in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

The segment, hosted by myslef, will begin at 1:00 pm EST on WBAI, 99.5 FM. Anyone outside of WBAI's range can listen on the Internet at www.wbai.org.

Radio, the way it should be. Truthful.


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