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Real Estate Fairy Tale: Landlord Monster Grabbing Magic Garden

by Yori Yanover

Last night at the Community Board 3 grand assembly (Why weren’t you there, by the way? Then you’ll come complaining), several passionate representatives of an outfit called The Children's Magical Garden, at the corner of Stanton and Norfolk Streets, pleaded with the community to protect them against their landlord.

According to most of the speakers on this issue last night, their landlord had purchased the garden lot – a garbage dump at the time, circ. 1980 – from the City for $7 thousand. They were not clear as to why that same landlord was nice enough to give the plot over to a group of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed volunteers who turned it into a much needed playground and a kind of nature preserve for neighborhood kids. What’s clear is the fact that the same landlord now wants his land back, because he would like to put up a condo building on it, thank you very much.

On the theory that the City giveth and the City taketh away, I suppose, these pleasant and highly committed folks want the community and its elected officials to keep the garden green, seeing as there are very few green spots south of Houston Street.

We’ll follow up on the story and attempt to get the landlord’s POV. Meanwhile, the magic gardeners are inviting the community to their Halloween party, Sunday, October 29, from 3 to 6 PM.


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