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Sleepy Hollow with Puppets

by Julie Muller Stahl

Abrons Art Center presents the world premiere of award-winning puppet theatre company, Drama of Works, newest full-length work, Sleepy Hollow, followed by their “Adults Only” 5th annual Carnival of Samhain

Drama of Works, the award-winning puppet theatre company, premieres their newest full-length work, Sleepy Hollow, just in time for Halloween. Based on the classic tale by Washington Irving and inspired by the story’s sparse dialogue, lush imagery, and vividly drawn mood, Sleepy Hollow is a beautifully mounted, large-scale shadow puppet re-telling of the legend. the production features an original score by award-winning composer Vivian Fung and will be performed live by a chamber ensemble.

Sleepy Hollow focuses on the power of one’s vices to overtake them when faced with their wildest dreams and most overwhelming fears. Playing on a gigantic quilted screen, the production borrows its stylized movements and shapes from the silent horror films of the early 1900’s, melodrama and Victorian silhouettes. Overhead projections, costume, special effects, as well as traditional shadow puppetry create a fantastical, surreal landscape unlike any other. the stylized effects and surrealist atmosphere is the result of the collaboration between Gretchen Van lente, founder of Drama of Works, and Vivian Fung. In 2004, Van lente and Fung met during an APPeX (Asia Pacific Performance exchange Program) fellowship in Bali where their concentration on multi-disciplinary performance and Balinese arts led them to a collaboration between shadow puppetry and live music. Performances of Sleepy Hollow will be followed by The Fifth Annual Carnival of Samhain, when Drama of Works gathers some of the city’s most adventurous puppeteers and performers together to create an ultra-hip spooktacular. Acts performing in two separate programs over the weekend range from puppetry, dance, magic, clown, live music, and a few surprises.

Below is a brief listing of the acts (for a full schedule of acts, please visit www.dramaofworks.com):

Harker [puppet silent movie]: Fashioned as a homage to German expressionist silent films such as the classic Nosferatu, this is the story of Jonathan Harker, who journeys into Hell to face the devil and take back what is rightfully his. through camera work, lighting, music and skillful puppeteering, the recreation of the mood and feel of these films is achieved. Produced by Heather Henson.

A Poem By Poe [clown]: the Great Grazini and his dimwitted apprentice Coccina attempt an interpretation of a poem by edgar Allan Poe. Presented by tHe GreAt GrAZINI and Coccina.

A Dreadful Night [shadow puppetry]: A Dreadful Night is a shadow, light, and color ‘collage-in-motion’ based on Anton Chekhov’s short story of the same title. Presented by S.B. Parks.

Wine & Needles [magic]: Illusions that make your skin crawl and bring the freak show to the Carnival. Presented by magician, playwright and lyricist, Will randall.

Les Furioses [dance]: A gothic, tragic and darkly humorous new dance work with live musicians. Witness the three furies and the men who love them as they destroy each other in wild delight. those who are weak of heart dare not enter. Choreographed by magin Schantz.

City Attic Theatre [short play]: Presenting a short play by melissa Gawlowski.

PerForMAnCe InFo

this piece may not be suitable for some younger children, as it is approximately 60 minutes in length, very dark and at times frightening. Halloween, October 31st at 5:30 & 7:30 pm
November 2 – 4 at 7:30 pm
November 5 at 2 pm

this production is best suited for mature audiences
November 2 – 4 at 9 pm
November 5 at 3:30pm

tICKet InForMAtIon
On Halloween Only, special discount admission: $5
General admission: $15
See both Sleepy Hollow and the Carnival for only $25
Visit www.henrystreet.org/arts or www.theatermania.com or call 212-352-3101

466 Grand Street, 212.598.0400


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