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Tatiana Can Pinch our Little Multicultural Cheeks

by Pat Arnow

Unhipness added to the allure when Tatiana von Furstenberg bought a townhouse in the ungentrified section of the Lower East Side. The New York Observer says that the princess (literally) and daughter of dress designer Diane von Furstenberg purchased the three-story building at 279 East Broadway (corner of Montgomery) for $2.45 million.

“Basically, I’m just really attracted to this neighborhood. It’s not, like, in the hip part of the Lower East Side," she told the Observer. “I lived on Gramercy Park for most of my 20’s. Everybody was thirtysomething with a stroller. … Down there [on the Lower East Side], they really honor immigrants and senior citizens, it’s really multi-cultured and multi-generational—but I really hate to use those words.”

Welcome to the nabe, Tatiana. We're at your service as your multi-culti, immigranty, senior citizen-respecting local color.


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