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A Tree Falls in East River Housing

by Yori Yanover

An old tree was ripped out by the gale Saturday night in front of East River Housing, at 573-75 Grand Street. The neighbors reported hearing a loud creaking sound followed by a thump. Police quickly surrounded the area with yellow tape and informed the Parks Dept. One man who had parked his car inches from where the trunk collapsed was allowed to drive away, visibly shaken.

This reporter is grateful to a neighbor who pushed our buzzer and invited us downstairs, and another who let us shoot the scene from his 5th floor balcony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my. i remember that tree as part of my childhood. i was once on the path underneath, tossing my jump rope (which i had tied into a braid) up in the air, and it got stuck in that tree. it was stuck there hanging from a branch for years until they trimmed the tree.

poor tree.

10/29/2006 8:21 AM  

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