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Who Flew These Homes In from Jersey?

by Yori Yanover

They look like a transplant from suburbia, including the fact that they’re such a clean-cut vision in the middle of bar city, at Stanton and Suffolk Streets (130-148 Suffolk). I’d been eyeing this unusual structure – unusual only down here, of course – for a few days, and this morning took out the Treo and started a-shootin’.

This immediately raised the attention of a maintenance person who wanted to know which accident I was attempting to document – is there any other reason to take pictures of street corners? When I said I was just curious about the homes she became visibly relaxed and told me they’re called Suffolk Homes Condominium, built circ. 2001. I was half hoping they were some kind of Jimmy Carter-made low income houses, but she quickly disabused me of my illusions. This place is luxury housing – and they’re selling as we speak.

This is their web page, incidentally. I’m so disillusioned, I think I’ll have a tirade, then send it to Lockhart Steele to link and get thousands of readers…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure these were built under an affordable housing initiative.

10/25/2006 10:00 AM  

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