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The Best and Worst Bus: M14A

We lifted this image from the East Village Idiot blog

Don Cruise

There appears to be a total disagreement between passengers on the buses which clog the poor arteries of our Grand Street every hour of every day. Read the following entry from the Village Voice's Elizabeth Zimmer and decide for yourself whether you've ever read a more near-climactic review of a bus line before:

Best Bus: Two buses, actually—the 14th Street cross- towns, M14A (which starts at Abingdon Square, traverses 14th Street between Eighth Avenue and Avenue A, and then heads south to Grand Street at the FDR Drive) and M14D (which starts at West 18th Street across from Chelsea Piers, toddles across 14th from Ninth Avenue to Avenue D, and heads down to Delancey on Essex). Their veritable river-to-river routes take you from the industrial/jock/seminary precincts of far west Chelsea to the Latino and Chinese enclaves beyond the East Village's education ghetto. Dip your MetroCard in the slot and go shopping for food at the burgeoning Chelsea Market (Ninth Avenue and West 15th Street); the biggest of the city's greenmarkets, at Union Square; Trader Joe's (just west of Third Avenue); or the Essex Street Market, a remnant of the pushcart culture almost vanished from New York, and still a sensory feast.

But the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign seems to harbor less climactic sentiments. Its "Pokeys" Award for Slowest City Buses was given to the M14A, The Pokiest MTA bus, at 3.9 MPH.

The overall winner of the 2006 Pokey Award — consisting of a golden snail on a pedestal — is the M14A, which averages 3.9 miles per hour at 12 noon. The M14A is the 14th Street crosstown serving the West Village via 11th Avenue and East Village and Lower East Side via Avenue A. The M14A is not much faster than the average speed of a pedestrian, which is 3 MPH.


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