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Meet You on Sheriff Street

by Don Cruise

Sheriff Street used to stretch from Grand Street at East Broadway north to East Houston Street. Now its path is blocked by Amalgamated Housing in the south and Masaryk Towers in the north. So it’s basically an underpath below the Williamsburg Bridge

Sheriff Street appears on maps as early as 1797. It most likely takes its name from Colonel Marinus Willett, who was Sheriff of New York from 1784-88 and later Mayor (1807).

Found this reference online:

Around the Williamsburg Bridge

From at least 1875 until at least 1897 Peter Goehle and his family lived either just north or just south of Delancey Street on the Lower East Side. Several of the addresses where they lived were very near that end of Delancey Street which is now the approach to the Williamsburg Bridge. Construction on the Williamsburg Bridge started in 1896 and was completed in 1903. The buildings north of the bridge ramp remained until the 1950s when all of the buildings north of Delancey, east of Pitt Street (Avenue C) and south of Houston over to the river were razed and the Samuel Gompers Houses, Masaryk Towers, and Baruch Houses were built in the area.

For a period of time the Goehles lived at 63 Columbia Street. This address would now lie between Masryk Towers and Baruch Houses. They also lived on Sheriff Street which now lies east of Hamilton Fish Park just south of Houston. Most likely Sheriff Street once extended down to Delancey through what is now the grounds surrounding Masaryk Towers.


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