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Orchard Street, the Movie

Ken Jacobs
Carol Markel

Ken Jacobs will screen and discuss his first film Orchard Street (1956)

Sat. Nov. 18th at 6pm
47 Orchard St.

"One of the things I first got together was a film on Orchard Street, which was very, very Jewish at the time. In a certain way it was like a primitive mall. You walked up and down the street, and it was all these stores and bins, and I did this thing. I did it because it attracted me, but also because I thought, "Well I could make something that's kind of palatable. This is a documentary that very likely there will be interest in." People would see it, and they would say, 'Okay, let's put some money in this guy, and let him make a movie.' At the end of shooting it, I realized I wasn’t going to get this money. I didn't have to compromise myself. I could just say, "The hell with it, I'm doomed to be poor, I'm doomed to struggle against the character of the society, I'll make what I want."

(from an interview conducted by Brian Price and Michelle Dent on March 24, 2003 at Cantor Film Center, NYU.)


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