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Spiritual Warriors

by Yori Yanover

Each morning I enlist in a spiritual squad of grownup Jews whose mission is to make the world a slightly better place. We do this by gathering at one place, a 100-year-old synagogue on Stanton Street, donning the garments and tools of our craft and engaging in a succession of study segments, meditations, liturgical praise to the Divine, group confession and supplications.

As we struggle, as a squad, with the darker inclinations of the universe, to rise triumphant at the other end of our mission, we undo our garments and tools, wrap them quickly and sit down to drink a thimble of bourbon, bite on a stale cookie and learn a segment of scripture.

We are, for the most part, not rabbis nor scholars. We are simple householders who engage in this struggle to push back evil every morning (and a couple more times during the day). We do this simply because if we won’t then no one else would.

We are spiritual warriors, good natured but surprisingly serious about the task at hand. When we do battle, the universe delights in us.

If you are a Jewish man with a penchant for spiritual stubbornness, come join us tomorrow morning at 6:45. 180 Stanton Street. 212.533.4122. Email Rabbi Yossi Pollak.



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