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by Yori Yanover

My neighbor Felix’s chunky little fluffy dog is named Dog, which makes remembering it kind of easy. Dog is the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered, smarter than many humans. He won’t pander to anyone, and when he refuses to go on his walkie, he simply collapses on his tummy and won’t budge, so Felix has to drag him across the lobby floor. But he’s not mean-spirited at all, just extremely proud and not hyper-energetic. Not hyper-energetic in the least. If Dog ever ran for office, local or national, he’d win, paws-down. I could see Dog moving into the White House today and by tomorrow things would start getting better. He has this calming presence, you can’t be upset when he walks by. Vote for Dog today, get world peace by Friday, at the latest.

Dog at eye level

Dog with Felix



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