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Ford & Fitzroy at Sin-EFord & Fitzroy at Sin-E

by Joe Emerald

Sin-E is both a sign of the times and a signifier of the future. The club used to be located on St. Mark’s in the early 90’s, when Jeff Buckley played there. In the rush to be Lower and Easter in the L.E.S., Sin-E re-opened in 2003 at 150 Attorney Street. It rides at the very edge of commercial viability on a dead end street mostly lined with garages and car repair shops. Still, this little club shines a strong light into the future. It was named “Best Place to See a New Bands First Gig” in 2004.

Speaking of new bands. Ford & Fitzroy played their first gig there last Wednesday night. The buzz must have been in the air, as the venue was packed even at the weeknight watch-checking hour of 11 PM. It was the kind of show that makes you want to see unknown bands more often. Surprising, strange and wonderful at the same time, it made you feel like the insider on something special. A little Sunny Day Real Estate on the inventive drumming, steady on the bass and guitars, and lyrics and vocals that made you uncomfortable and comfortable enough to be able to appreciate the “aorta in eyelashes” and “Chevrolet speedometers for eyes”. The comment overheard was an appreciative, “I’ve never heard anything like that before.”

In short, it was Sin-E doing what it does; lending a classy setting, high ceilings and a great sound system to a new band that deserves attention. After the show, the crowd spilled out and over to the Hanger on 3rd and B for an after-party attended by the Raveonettes, the Danish darlings of 50’s revival rock-n-roll. It was a celebratory atmosphere that seemed to herald a coming of age for the new guys, Ford & Fitzroy, and offer a pat on the back from the established Raveonettes.

Ford & Fitzroy are playing again at Pianos on December 19.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that show was amazing. these guys are whats good about new york.

12/06/2006 7:13 PM  

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