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Joyous Sound Gets Doubly Stronger

by Yori Yanover

This morning’s prayer group at the Stanton Street shul was unbelievably crowded for a weekday service. It seems that, since I’ve started telling the neighborhood about the pleasures, especially about our last Sunday morning service which was accompanied with musical instruments, a wave of curiosity and interest has washed through the community, and folks are streaming in. This morning we had just under 20 men present, which was a rewarding experience. Tomorrow- and Friday morning we’ll be celebrating the first days of the new Lunar month, which, traditionally, are a special holiday for women. So we’re expecting an even bigger crowd. On these occasions, when women join our prayer group, we roll down the baby-blue, chiffon curtains separating the two sexes. It’s truly gratifying to know that we’re the only Orthodox shul on the Lower East Side which attracts women during non-Shabbat days on Friday nights. Gosh, we’re a cool shul…



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