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The Butterfly Within Tonight at Makor

by Tibi Z. Singer

Staged reading Monday, January 22 at 7 PM at Makor, 35 W. 67th Street.

The Butterfly Within is a new play by Thomas M. Kelly. It is a story about the changes that have occurred in the neighborhood and culture of Manhattan's Lower East Side, as seen through the interaction of a young Asian woman and an elderly Jewish man. Secrets are revealed and tolerance and respect develop as these two neighbors form an unlikely friendship.

BIMA-NY is a new Jewish, theatre company; a Company dedicated to Jewish themes, writers and performers, exploring the drama, music and comedy of Jewish life set against and in 21st Century America . Being Shomer Shabbat is at the essence of this company, integral to its very being. BIMA-NY Company seeks to speak with a new Jewish voice, one that is young, hip and Jewish, with the substance of deep theatrical work and knowledge. BIMA-NY will present theatre that delves into the Jewish psyche, opening new areas of understanding. Sabbath observance is a necessary component of this exploration and definition, providing a link to Jewish tradition. Sabbath observance defines us and is at the root of this company providing a place for Torah-observant artists, among others, to perform and create.

For More Information visit www.Bima-ny.org, call 917.826.0080


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