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Martin Connor Candidate for State Comptroller

State Senator Martin Connor

by Marty Algaze

New York State Senator Martin Connor (D-25 S.D.-Manhattan/Brooklyn) submitted papers today seeking to fill the vacant state Comptroller's position. Connor, the most senior Democrat in the New York State Senate, resigned as assistant counsel to the State Comptroller when he was first elected to the Senate in 1978. For eight years he was Senate Minority Leader and leader of the Democratic conference.

Senator Connor said, "I love being a member of the New York State Senate and the only other job for which I would leave the Senate is to serve the people of New York as their Comptroller. I'm the only person applying for this position who has actually worked in the Comptroller's office. It is where I began my career in government service in 1977. As a Senator and Minority Leader I traveled throughout the state, becoming familiar with every region, city, town, and village of our State.”

Connor said, “The Comptroller has an enormous responsibility. He or she will oversee the $146 billion pension system, manage a staff of 2,400 people, and be responsible for auditing expenditures at every level of State and local government. I have the experience for this position. As Minority Leader, I supervised a professional staff, participated in budget negotiations, and annually put forward revenue forecasts that were proven to be most accurate. For 16 years I was the Ranking Minority Member on the committee dealing with all pension legislation. My four years as Ranking Minority Member on the Local Government Committee enhanced my knowledge of the local entities the Comptroller must monitor and audit.”

Senator Connor said, “I look forward to meeting with the screening panel and my legislative colleagues to discuss my ideas, qualifications, and my plans to make the operation of the Comptroller's office the responsible, fiscal watchdog the people of New York expect and deserve."

Marty Algaze is Press Officer for Senator Connor


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