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Polish Socialist Conceptualism of the 70s

by Aukasz Ronduda

Opening: Jan. 7, 6-8
Dates: Jan. 7-28, 2007
Hours: Thurs. - Sun. 1-6 PM

Polish Socialist Conceptualism of the 70s presents a selection of films and documentations of actions, performances and conceptual gestures, most of them unknown, forgotten or excluded from art historical discourse in Poland. The exhibition is structured as an archive representing Soc Art activity during the 70s. Also included is documentation of projects by contemporary artists whose work refers to neo-avant-garde strategies and revitalizes forgotten artistic productions, like the obscure though very active amateur-film movement in Poland in the 60s and 70s, gathered and reinterpreted by Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings, or Solidarity TV from the 80s, reconstructed by Igor Krenz. "Self-organization" is a guiding principle of the show, with equipment being found and lent by New York friends and with the support of Orchard, whose cooperative principles sometimes echo principles of Polish Socialist Conceptualism of the 70s.



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