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Silver to DOT: Take Down the Median

The Offending Median

by Yori Yanover, Editor

Assemblyman Sheldon Silver has sent by special messenger the following letter to Iris Weinshall, Commissioner of the City's Department of Transportation:

Dear Commissioner Weinshall:

As per our recent discussion, it is with great urgency that I contact you regarding the concrete median recently built in the intersection of Grand Street and the FDR Drive. This median poses a great danger for both pedestrians and vehicles and I strongly recommend that it be removed immediately.

Over the years, our offices have worked together to improve safety conditions at the intersection at Grand Street and the FDR Drive for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Most recently, I contacted your office in October 2006, after the tragic fatal accident of one of my constituents, who was struck while crossing Grand Street. At that time, NYC DOT began an investigation of the safety of the intersection and the surrounding area. The remedy that DOT has put in place, a small concrete median at Grand Street and the FDR Drive, has proven to hinder safety conditions rather than help them, causing this intersection to be more dangerous than before.

As I have mentioned in my previous letters, the light at the intersection of Grand Street and the FDR Drive is a three-way light (eastbound traffic on Grand Street, westbound right-turn off the service road and right turn off the southbound FDR Drive off-ramp). Yet, there is no safe opportunity for pedestrians to cross Grand Street free from oncoming vehicular traffic.

I urge the NYC DOT to conduct a more comprehensive investigation of the intersection, to explore other safety options and, again, to immediately remove the concrete median. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this matter. I look forward to your reply.


Sheldon Silver
Member of the Assembly

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